Captek is 88 percent gold and will give you a natural, esthetic result. Gold has been the standard in dentistry for hundreds of years, providing quality, durability, biocompatibility, and consistent results. With its high gold content, Captek offers a natural appearance due to the golden color providing excellent reflective qualities in the porcelain.

The 22 karat coping eliminates the unsightly gray or black lines sometimes seen at the margins of crowns fabricated with traditional silver colored alloys. As the Captek gold reflects through the porcelain, the crown or bridge takes on a soft, warm, more natural look.


Using capillary technology instead of the traditional lost wax technique, Captek crowns and bridges fit the teeth consistently and with great accuracy. Studies also have shown that Captek minimizes bacteria build-up thus creating healthier surrounding periodontal tissue.

No special preparation or cementing techniques are required with Captek. Using traditional C&B methods and materials save chair-time during preparation and seating.