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SERVICES - Whether it's scheduling a rush case, doing a custom shade or working out technical details of complex cases, our staff is available and ready to assist you in any way possible. Our lines of communication are always open so that when questions arise, as they inevitably do, the focus can be on what's important - your patient getting more than expected.
PRODUCTS - Ensuring aesthetic and functional excellence, Alpha Dental Ceramics utilizes the market's best in metal ceramics (PFMs), metal-free options, full cast gold and diagnostic case design.


The Original System is continuously being developed, setting trends in the market with regard to aesthetics and function. The most recent innovation from the field of all-ceramics is called IPS Empress Esthetic. The material opens up a host of esthetic possibilities, particularly for veneers. more

IPS Empress Esthetic Line

The IPS Empress pressed ceramic system, which has been clinically proven for more than 15 years satisfies discerning users and patients all over the world. Twenty-five million placed restorations are testimony to the long-standing success of IPS Empress.

The new IPS Empress Esthetic Line offers heightened aesthetics, enhanced properties and cost effectiveness for the Staining Technique and partially layered veneers.

Member of the IPS Empress family of esthetic restorations
IPS Emax™ combines metal-free esthetics with the ease of conventional cementation procedures IPS Emax

  • High strength lithium disilicate framework
  • Natural translucency for life-like esthetics
  • Predictable shade reproduction
  • Excellent marginal adaptation
  • Indications:  Anterior and posterior crowns and 3 unit bridges

inVizion™ Update:
"Dentists are switching to inVizion. It offers ease of use (no bonding required), greater strength and vibrant vitality". inVizion


Conventional technique, unconventional results
The 3M ESPE Lava Crowns and Bridges system is an innovative CAD/CAM technology using a zirconium oxide base. The durability and esthetics of Lava restorations represent the optimum in all-ceramic systems. The Lava restoration is ideal for single crowns, three- and four-unit bridges with multiple abutments, splinted crowns (up to four units), and contilever bridges (except single abutment) that offer strength, stability and outstanding marginal fit. Lava Preparation Guide


Simple, Predictable, Beautiful
Reliability: Full cast crowns have long been a popular choice due to their clinical success and ease of use. High marginal integrity and product durability have made them a longtime favorite among dentists. Biocompatibility: Gold crowns are resistant to oxidation, corrosion and plaque accumulation. Alpha Dental Ceramics fabricates its full cast restorations from alloys specially formulated for all gold crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. These alloys will give your patients the biocompatibility and long term wear resistance for which gold is historically known.
Beauty: With high luster finishes of rich yellow gold or platinum white, gold crowns are timeless.
Gold Crowns
• Enhanced practice development
• Consistent, predetermined results
• Excellent patient selling tool
• Fabrication of temporaries from the wax-up

Show them the difference, and eliminate the guesswork. Of the many benefits offered, Diagnostic Wax-Ups are one of the services we routinely recommend the most before a smile is cosmetically enhanced. This helps eliminate most of the guesswork in the patients' final results and is widely used in treatment presentations to increase patient case acceptance and satisfaction.

Diagnostic Wax-Up