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Alpha Dental Ceramics is recognized for precision and reliability in dental ceramics.
Emulating nature's work of art one smile at a time

Accurate, Consistent, Beautifully Constructed, and Delivered On Time

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Alpha Dental Ceramics has been serving the dental community for more than 33 years.

Visit our Testimonials page and read what our dentist customers are saying about us. You will notice a common theme. Our work is creative, artistic, innovative, efficient, consistent, lifelike and has ahead of time or on time delivery. It is our goal to never have you wonder if our products will be there when your patient is there. We now have a digital office. Everything from Professional camera equipment to Clear Match software and flat screen monitors on all ceramist workstations. Additionally, we offer written guidelines to aid with your "Anterior Esthetics” cases. These guidelines were  written to improve communication with the Dental Office and Laboratory. We do this with the intent on getting your difficult cases completed “Right the First Time!” Thus, making you look Superior and Excellent! We do all of this with a willing and eager to help attitude that in turn will reduce your chair-time and increase productivity, and thus profits too.

Our Dentist-Clients and their staff appreciate working with us and respect us as a viable source of information in this rapidly changing technical revolution. Our Patients appreciate our dedication to excellence, an interesting tour of our laboratory and our convenient location.

As you know, everyone claims to produce a quality product these days. We think that it goes much further that. We believe that our Dentist-Clients deserve to know ahead of time how much chair time it will take to seat our products. Therefore, We believe that a consistent, quality product, consistently delivered on a date prior to the patient’s appointment date is what keeps our Dentist-Clients loyal to our Laboratory. If for any reason there is a problem with an impression or return date, we will promptly notify your office of any needed changes. It is our goal to never have you wonder if our products will be there when your patient is there.

We have a "no-fault" remake policy. Meaning that we do not want to try and figure out "who is to blame".  We believe that we all work together for the best oral health possible for your Patient. So there are no charges for remakes. We offer this policy with one exception. If we believe that the case will fail, and we are still asked to proceed, we will not warranty the case. We believe that this is only fair.
Michael Mukhar, founder and owner of Alpha Dental Ceramics, leads his highly dedicated team. He strongly believes in customer focused service. A "whatever it takes attitude". Mike believes in leading by doing, a very hands-on style of management. Furthermore, continuing education is paramount. Mike believes that attitude and education are what make his laboratory high-end.

In our training facility, we have a Director of Training and Education, he ensures that each of our technicians has the advanced skill-set needed to create natural, consistent, state-of-the-art results. This facility also doubles as our learning center, we can host lectures and hands-on programs for dentists, dental auxiliaries and our staff.

Alpha Dental Ceramics will always give you and your patients these benefits, using proven A.D.A. approved materials, advanced technologies, prompt and professional services.

And that is guaranteed.